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Monday, 6 October 2014

Michael Kors Weighs In on Kendall Jenner's Modeling Career: ''She's a Real Professional"

Kendall Jenner, Michael Kors

In case you haven't heard the latest news coming off the catwalk: Kendall Jenner is taking the modeling world by storm.
The 18-year-old stunner most recently rocked the runway at Paris Fashion Week, where she strutted her stuff alongside some of the industry's top models including Gisele Bündchen and Cara Delevingne, appearing in show's such as Chanel, Sonia Rykiel, Givenchy and Balmain.
Oh, and let's not forget about New York Fashion Week when Kendall walked in Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Donna Karan and Tommy Hilfiger in addition to appearing in the runway shows for Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, Pucci and Fendi in Milan. 
So what does Michael Kors have to say about fashion's latest "It" girl? Count the designer among the famous faces in the industry who are singing the E! star's praises. 

 Kendall Jenner, Paris Fashion Week

"I think she's a strong, powerful, great-looking girl. She's a real professional," Kors told E! News at his special dinner celebrating the launch of Claiborne Swanson Frank's new book Young Hollywood in Beverly Hills. 
"I love that her card just says Kendall," the designer continued, referencing the fact that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star dropped her last name professionally. "So she's not trading on her name and I think she's going to have a great career."
As for whether Kors, who just wrapped up his own successful Paris Fashion Week, has any plans to work with Kendall in the future? 
"I think the big thing about models is it's kind of like actresses—the right actress in the right part," he explained. "And when it's the right show, I think, 'Hey, that's fabulous.' The right show with the right girl—it's kind of magic."

Michael Kors

In addition to dishing on Kendall's impressive career, Kors also shared some scoop on the latest fall fashion trends, and lucky for us all, this season is all about comfort.
"It's definitely flat shoes, flat shoes, flat shoes," he shared. "Even on the red carpet I think we're gonna start to see some flat shoes. And just an easiness in general, hands in the pockets, kind of a softness. And although it's hot as blazes here in L.A., pretty soon at night you're going to want to be putting on a cozy piece of knitwear so a great sweater coat or a great sweater jacket, big mufflers, lots of cozy knits this fall. I think they're kind of the first thing everyone is going to grab for."

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Justin Bieber And Kendall Jenner Spotted At Dinner: But Where’s Selena?

A Video has surfaced of Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner dining together in Paris. Finally, the French capital has contributed something culturally significant to the world.
Although the Instagram user who recorded the encounter seemed to have left her high-quality, 70mm movie camera at home, the footage does appear to show JB and the Kardashian-Jenners’ second youngest.

So, did Justin and Kendall meet up for a romantic dinner date after one of the budding runway model’s many Paris Fashion Week gigs? And if that’s the case, where’s Selena Gomez in all this? Aren’t she and JB supposed to be “on” again right now?

Well, according to her personal Instagram account, the “Slow Down” singer is also in Paris, taking Polaroid selfies with the Eiffel Tower and wearing gorgeous jewelry that probably costs more than your student loans.

selena gomez

Something tells me that Gomez’s timing is no coincidence, and that she and Justin likely hit up the City of Light together — especially if they were just on vacation together in the Caribbean, as the Daily Mail suggested.
So if Jelena are off on a romantic #euro getaway together, that would mean that Justin and Kendall’s hangout was one between friends. I mean, men and women have been rumored to hang out together one-on-one under completely platonic circumstances — or so the legend goes.

selena gomez

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

'Cruel' Models Bully Kendall Jenner During Fashion Week

Kendall Jenner did not have a very good time at New York's Fashion Week, you guys. According to an "insider" (who is most definitely not some bored intern or P.A.) apparently some very 'cruel' models were extra super mean to poor, downtrodden and outcast Kendall, the Ma Joad of fashion modelling. Via Radar Online:
According to In Touch, the 18-year-old was bullied by fellow catwalk queens during New York Fashion Week earlier this month. "The other models worked so hard to get a spot on the runway and didn't think it was fair that she was there," an insider explained to the magazine, referring to the widely-held belief that Jenner's name and brother-in-law Kanye West's connections snagged her high-profile gigs. "They thought she was getting special treatment and just weren't okay with it."
Rather than shrug off the injustice, the models decided to "mess" with the teen, who walked for the Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg and Tommy Hilfiger shows.
"They started acting so bitchy— some even put out their cigarettes in Kendall's drink!" the insider reveals. "Models can be cruel, especially with someone new and entitled."
She also reportedly "banned" her sister Kim Kardashian from attending her shows, so she can be treated seriously. That's not true however. I learned via our exclusive network of highly connected tipsters that the real reason she banned Kim from her shows is because one time she ate the last pastrami mini bread sandwich on a deli platter backstage. That's just not cool, OK? Pastrami is for the talent, Kim. Take turkey next time.