Tuesday, 6 May 2014

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Courtney Love says she wrote the Note Found in Kurt Cobain’s Wallet

Courtney Love says she was the author of the recently discovered mocking note that was found in Kurt Cobain’s wallet when he died in 1994.

Initially, the note that referred to Love as a “b*tch with zits” who siphoned his money for “doping and whoring,” was believed to be written by the Nirvana front man.

But now the Seattle Times reports that Love contacted the paper via e-mail  to say it was she — not Cobain- – who wrote the mean-spirited message.

The newspaper says Love penned the short letter on New Year’s Eve 1991, the night Nirvana appeared in San Francisco with the Red Hot Chili Peppers andPearl Jam.

Only half of the note was published when it was first made public last month.

The full message actually ends with a promise to have sex  “at least once a week, O.K.”

The Seattle Times reports that Love’s sister Nicole Jon Carroll and a former employee of the Kurt Cobain estate both reviewed the handwriting and authenticated that it was, in fact, written by Love.